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Floor Cutting Services

We offer an ideal quality of Floor Cutting Services for our regarded clients. If floor cutting services are executed by skilled staff who hold huge knowledge in their particular domain that helps them in bestowing these services in an efficient manner.

Floor Cutting Services is the most distinguished diamond cutting strategy. Rock and Concrete cutting Services includes a diamond cutting edge that is mounted on a stroll behind machine requiring one administrator. It is mostly used to cut level surfaces, for example, floors, bridges, extension joints, and asphalt. The slab cutting can be performed with a gas or electric/fumes free unit. Mostly slices can be made up to cutting extent slab cutting is a proficient method for cutting. It is speedy and exact, permitting other contracting work to be performed for all intents and purposes.

Diamond sawing is a quick and proficient approach to slice through motorways, highway concrete roads, ash felt street or intensely fortified concrete slabs. This concrete floor cutting strategy can be utilized to expel undesirable areas, similar to road slabs and even surfaces. Diamond Floor cutting frames an exact clean cut edge, which can be utilized for trench runs and expansion joints. Bigger areas of floor slabs can be evacuated productively by CEPUNE Diamond Floor cutting services group.

Importance of Diamond Floor Cutting Services:

  • small and big powerful self-propelled diesel floor saws
  • small and big powerful self-propelled electric saws
  • Installed usage in Factories, Supermarkets, and Warehouses
  • Insignificantly low vibration dust free water flushed Fully certify
  • Exact cutting of expansion joints and loop sawing
  • Quick strategy to evacuate cement or ash felt materials for demolition purposes
  • An extremely efficient and economical approach to evacuate areas of floor slabs and ash felt streets
  • Width of cut begin from 5mm wide up to 50mm wide, with profundities coming to up to 700mm profound on a 5mm wide cutKey Benefits of our services:
  • What are advantages with our services?

    • Efficient cutting work
    • Customer oriented
    • Flawlessness in the execution work
    • Fast execution

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