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Anchor fastening is used to connect an object to the base material or concrete or brick. The anchor fastening is widely used for interior constructions. The anchor fastening can be done using variety of methods and involves great risk of damage. A hole is drilled in the base material to install the anchor. And then the anchor is inserted into the hole. We provide every type anchor installation with great skills.


Rebaring is the method of insertion of steel bars into the existing construction so as to make the changes. These bars are inserted to increase the load bearing capacity for the concrete. This is a complex task and we make it easy with our adept information and application.


Core cutting is required in cases where we want cables, pipes, ducts or test cores to fit in. A hole is made in the wall, concrete base or any hard material with the help of drilling machine without damaging the surrounding. This job is done by using the Diamond core cutting machine. We guarantee minimal vibration, low noise and the precision for hole size for the core cutting.


Wall sawing requires a great precision to cut down the unwanted part of the walls. We offer you the wall sawing services as per the requirements irrespective of height, thickness and the risk involved. Our specialists have successfully handled complex wall cutting assignments using 3 phase 480 power to accommodate outdoor/indoor or confined space cutting up to 30” from one side.


Wire sawing method is useful to create the opening for service and ventilation ducts, lift shafts, escalators and for the separation of the joints. Diamond wire sawing is used to slice through heavily reinforced concrete slabs and walls surfaces. We offer effective method to break unwanted part with precision.


The purpose of rock anchors is to resist the movement of the foundation. It is done by inserting the steel anchors into the grouted hole and is tensioned to the appropriate specifications of the particular job. This process requires a quality materials, tools and experienced professionals. We offer the rock anchoring services even in the close proximity with the customers to comprehend their demands and offer them desired Anchor System services.


Floor cutting involves risk of damage to the peripheral parts. Having worked in this field, we guarantee to handle such tasks with the perfection. We are equipped with the Concrete Electric Floor Saw and Patrol Saw which help us the quality in Industrial Floor Cutting, Expansion Joint Cutting and Road Cutting. We can cut the floor upto the depth 540 mm by floor saw.


In this process a high frequency electrical hammer is used to remove the concrete of the slab. We are proud to have undertaken the demolition operation successfully even at most intricate locations. Our highly skilled team of demolition specialists ensures the low vibration and safety.


We expertise the drilling from 5mm to 40mm. We have successfully undertaken many of the complex drilling assignments successfully. And we are proud to be growing and developing our drilling services persistently.

Chemical Anchoring services
Chemical Anchoring services
Chemical Anchoring services
Chemical Anchoring services